Should we submit an application for a fiance visa or get hitched thereby applying for the immigrant visa?

Whenever a U.S. Resident is with in a relationship by having a non-U.S. Resident that is perhaps not contained in the U.S. Plus the couple really wants to get married and are now living in the U.S. Completely, they are usually confused in regards to the most readily useful immigration procedure to pursue. Typically, the few will have two choices: 1) pursue the fiance (K-1) visa, that allows the non-U.S. Citizen to go into the U.S. On a visa for the intended purpose of engaged and getting married in the U.S. Within ninety days, so your non-U.S. Resident spouse then can use for permanent residency; or 2) get hitched away from U.S. So the non-U.S. Resident partner can put on for an “immigrant visa” to enter the U.S. As a resident that is permanent.

K-1 Fiance Visa Process

The fiance visa process is really a three action process.