Exactly just How quickly should you spend your student loans off? Two cash specialists share their tales

Bridget Casey and Robb Engen are two of Canada’s best-known money bloggers — and, like at the very least 50 % of college graduates in Canada, that they had student education loans.

Casey, 33, the creator of economic literacy internet site cash After Graduation, completed her undergraduate level with around $21,500 in federal federal federal government figuratively speaking and then utilized a personal credit line to fund element of her MBA. Engen, 40, a fee-only monetary consultant and father for the Boomer and Echo cash we we blog, left college with almost $30,000 with debt.

The tales of the way they repaid that load couldn’t become more various. Yet, the advice they need to today’s graduates is remarkably comparable.

Burning that student financial obligation: Casey’s tale

Whenever Casey completed her undergraduate study she had been determined to incinerate her heap of pupil debt at record speed — and she did. In only 22 months, at age 27, she had been able to repay the national government in complete, a feat that helped propel her to the very best echelons of Canada’s money blogosphere.

Burning a lot more than $20,000 in figuratively speaking in significantly less than 2 yrs wasn’t simple. To turbo-charge her earnings, Casey lined up a chemistry tutoring gig on the top of a full-time task. In addition, she’d act as a freelance author within the nights and use up jobs that are odd find on Kijiji during the weekend.

I got, like, $18 an hour or so. “ I recall one time … my only task would be to go scan every item within the child part during the Bay and”

“I basically didn’t say no to anything that paid me at the least $15 dollars one hour, ” she added.