iTools’ Fake GPS Location* Follow these actions to spoof your location on iOS with iTools:

  1. Install iTools on your pc.
  2. Start the system and choose “Free Trial“.
  3. Go right to the “Toolbox” tab.
  4. Head to “Device Toolkits” and select location“ that is“Virtual.
  5. Go into the location that is fake the written text field regarding the map and press enter.
  6. Whenever a marker when it comes to location that is fake on the map, simply simply click “Move Here” setting your iPhone compared to that location.

*Since the present Grindr updates, utilizing a android os emulator is essential should you want to spoof your local area. This means you’ll need to use the Fake GPS GO venue Spoofer application.

Remain secure and safe, but discover the profiles that are right

Establishing your phone’s GPS up to a fake location is presently the most effective way to safeguard your local area on Grindr as well as other dating apps. Don’t forget, nevertheless, that you’ll be matched with profiles which can be nearby the spoofed location, rather than your real location. Nevertheless, spoofing can be extremely helpful: you can select a location that’s just a couple of kilometers from what your location is.