The way the United States stacks up for working females. Which nation can you desire to work with?

Overseas Women’s Day statistics

As Overseas Women’s Day (IWD) approaches on March 8, we’ve contrasted 16 nations across 10 metrics to ascertain which can be the nation that is best for working females.

Plenty of IWD conversation centers around the sex pay gap. This system that is ranking makes up wider considerations that influence whether a nation is a great destination to work.

We’ve included such monetary metrics since the portion of cost cost savings ladies have actually for your your retirement in comparison to males, in addition to quality-of-life measures like compensated holiday leave as well as the normal wide range of extra hours females invest in home work in comparison to guys.

We sourced information from a selection of government, personal industry and prominent news internet web internet sites, then ranked the countries better to worst for every single metric on a scale of just one to 16. The less points the nation received general, the greater amount of favorable the nation for females who would like to work.

Women take into account just 6% of CEOs in S&P 100 organizations

While ladies constitute approximately 51.7percent of this United States workforce, just six ladies sit atop organizations when you look at the S&P 100 Index.