Intensity of Rivalry (one of Porter’s Five Forces)

The strength of rivalry among rivals in a business describes the degree to which businesses within a market place stress on the other person and restrict each other’s revenue potential. If rivalry is intense, then rivals want to take revenue and share of the market from a single another. This reduces profit potential for all firms within the industry as a result. Based on Porter’s 5 forces framework, the strength of rivalry among organizations is amongst the main forces that form the structure that is competitive of industry.

Porter’s strength of rivalry in an industry affects the environment that is competitive influences the power of current companies to attain profitability. For instance, high strength of rivalry means rivals are aggressively focusing on each other’s areas and aggressively pricing services and products. This represents prospective expenses to all rivals in the industry.

Tall intensity of competitive rivalry could make a business more competitive and so decrease revenue possibility of the firms that are existing. In contrast, low strength of competitive rivalry makes an industry less competitive. It increases revenue possibility of the firms that are existing.

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Porter’s Intensity of Rivalry Determining Aspects

A few facets determine the strength of competitive rivalry in a business, whether or not it does increase or decrease it.